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In this blog we talk a lot about methods and strategies for project managers to manage projects and lead teams. There is no doubt that project managers carry a lot of responsibility, but do we ever undergo proper training? Some of us may have, others are often thrown into the unfortunate position to either “sink or swim”. Regardless of your professional project management background, or lack thereof, consider a project management coach.

Project management coaching is becoming a popular method of training today. This is because project managers are seen more as leaders rather than managers. Project management coaching strategies often involve teaching project managers how to lead teams rather than focusing only on risk management, managing projects and teams, and getting caught up in administrative tasks. Project management is seen more and more as a leadership role.

Professional project managers know that many responsibilities involving managing projects and leading teams require problem-solving and decision-making. Having a mentor or project management coach to lean on and bounce questions of off related to these have proven to be very helpful. This could even involve a situation when a project manager is asked a difficult question that relates to the performance of a particular team member, or an important and risky decision involving a challenging project with a difficult client. It has proven that having a project management coach to guide a project manager in these situations is more than helpful. The coach will also teach the project manager how to be a real “leader” in these situations and deal with them effectively.

Project management coaching can occur in various formats, all depending on the needs and preferences of the project manager. Project managers can sit through training sessions or discussions on an individual basis or even attend seminars or other lectures on a weekly or monthly basis. In addition, working with a coach can help with dealing with difficult situations or questions, such as the example outlined above, but the purpose of a coach is also to help pinpoint exactly where a project manager needs to make changes. This could be his or her approach or tact when dealing with other team members, the ability to remain calm when faced with troubling or intense situations, or even just time management.

Ultimately, working with a professional project management mentor or coach will really dive deep into the needs of a project manager. Where does a project manager really need help? Where can he or she really improve? How and where will he or she benefit most from working with a coach? These are all areas where a professional project management coach will consider when working with a project manager.

All in all, if project managers feel like they need additional training or guidance, or even just some advice that would help them be successful in their current roles, consider working with a professional project management coach. This could mean in a current project management role, obtaining professional management certification, or starting a brand new project management career. A professional project management coach can help a project manager really improve and shine on any areas that need improvement and reach overall success.

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