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What is PM Software?

Project management software is a customized software, which is used for a successful project planning, scheduling, resource allocation and handling the management. It helps the project managers to control cost and checking quality and documentation ensuring that the production goes on flawlessly.

What are PM templates?

The PM templates are easily downloadable and it helps you to carry out a flawless documentation process. It maintains a good consistency and thus you can get familiar with real time benefits. However, these templates remain disconnected from online projects and thus you may have to repeat the work that sometimes becomes difficult.

Well, in this post, we are going to tell you difference between Project Management Software Versus Excel PM Templates.

Pros and Cons of PM Software

Here are mentioned the pros and cons knowing which you can understand the true utilities of the software accompanied a new form of technology:

  • It helps you to make a proper plan with online tracking option that enables you to get familiar with all beneficial solutions.
  • The plans get updated automatically and you can thus handle the activities in the right way ensuring that the technology works the best for you.
  • You can now receive email alerts that give you the opportunity to know important facts helping you to understand the real importance of this technology.
  • It establishes an easy communication with the team that aids in a better collaboration ensuring that you can carry out all bustles efficiently.
  • It helps you to create new plans according to templates in the PM software. This makes the process easier and you can execute the plans exploring real benefits.

So, the PM templates help a project manager to create a perfect presentation that gives him/her the confidence to make a better performance. In this respect, Gantt chart template is a popular one used by project managers to carry out a proper documentation process. It helps the managers to visualize the order according to which the tasks are scheduled.  Techno-PM website provides over 100 free project management templates.

Pros and Cons of PM Templates

  • Easily downloadable that saves your time and effort ensuring that you can use the templates without any worries.
  • It’s not easily shared that may give rise to certain complications while working.
  • You may not get real time data here that’s a negative feature of PM templates.
  • Data can be easily imported into PM software and thus you can continue using the software handling the features perfectly.

So, you can get a clear view of Project management templates versus PM software that would aid you to manage the process coming out with all desired results. If you are spending more time updating PM templates you can simply import them to PM software that helps you to manage the things online. The PM software carries a more robust look than the PM templates and technology here plays the leading role. Apart from these, excel project management templates are also another option that are used to track excel work.

Handling Projects Successfully Using the Templates

The PM excel templates and PM software thus helps you to comprehend how technology automates the entire process featuring the best results. Excel Gantt chart template helps the project managers to customize the chart5 using different colors and fonts. Also, there is the option to highlight the team members’ tasks ensuring that you can handle the data efficiently. Next, you can share the template with other team members and clients that reveal the ultimate importance of these templates. Thus, it becomes easier to collaborate with your team and you can now handle bigger projects without any worries. It gives you the opportunity to track various data easily and you can save your valuable time.

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