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Professional project managers know how challenging project management and all its responsibilities can be. The truth is? Project management can be an exciting yet challenging career, but it would be a lie to say that it is a job anyone can do. Project management takes a number of skills and core values to really be successful.

  1. Time Management. A good project manager must have excellent time management skills. It’s important to be able to juggle multiple tasks and deadlines and other project milestones on a regular basis. It is easy for a project manager to become bogged down or feel overwhelmed. The best way to get everything done? Master and implement good time management practices.
  2. Multi-tasking. Similar to time management ability, project managers must also possess extreme multi-tasking ability. This may involve answering emails, questions, and phone calls simultaneously…and maybe for all different projects. Impossible? Some may think so, but a project manager will find a way.
  3. Problem-solving. Project managers also master the ability to problem-solve. Projects, clients, and team conflicts all require the expertise and skill of an experienced and competent problem-solver. Problem-solving effectively requires one to be resourceful, calm, rational, and patient.
  4. Communication. Project managers also practice and implement exceptional communication methods and practices. Project managers make sure all team members, functional areas and departments, vendors, and clients are all on the same page. Communication lines are kept open, and that all important decisions or notes are properly documented.
  5. Organization. Projects and teams cannot function properly or work efficiently without proper organization. Often times it is up to the project manager to implement and ensure proper organization methods. This is much easier today than it was even a decade ago with many companies going digital and integrating paperless work flows, but ultimately it is up to the project manager to make sure all project items remain organized.
  6. Detail-oriented. Being a project manager means being detail-oriented. Project managers pay attention to details and little ever slips by them. They also learn to analyze the details in order to form theories and attack projects from a different and greater angle.
  7. Team work. A project manager isn’t just a manager, he or she is also a leader. Leaders encourage team members to succeed and grow as people and professionals. Leaders also help team members accomplish assigned tasks effectively and successfully and help them to reach their goals.

Certainly being a project manager involves many more skills and abilities that are pertinent to the role. Some other abilities and skills include budgeting, analyzing, and have an excellent knowledge of business, principles, and processes, just to name a few. All in all, project management certainly takes business savvy, intelligence, and patience in order to be successful.

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