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Evolution and progress, leaps and bounds, technology and increase awareness, nothing and everything, all has changed the way people think and work. It has changed the world’s working ethos and truth be told, also miserable when it comes to managing your everything-know-how and sometimes totally virtual team.

By 2016, it is estimated that 63 million people in the United States alone would be working virtually. That’s a big jump from numbers in 2010 where the US virtual workforce was recorded at 34 million, and it looks like there’s no turning back. There are tons more trends in the world’s workforce and they too are making fuzz about team management.

While other project managers and leaders bury their eyes, guts and hearts at the comfort zone of achieving the perfect formula for managing their team, they tend to miss the crux of their team’s drive.

Off all team management chatters standing at the corridors of the offices you might be into, these 3 principles should be your frontier.

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Engineer a Sustainable Team

Utilize your intelligence to recognize and disestablish the oppressive constructs that dominate your every strategy. Determine your team’s goals, both short-term and long-term. Next, establish the people you need to achieve all these. A social media savvy? A decision maker? A content architect? A product proficient? After determining so, start to take into account the candidate’s knowledge, skills, abilities and personality. Measure skills, but weigh compatibility. Would you prefer an enthusiastic but less experienced candidate over a jaded and self-assured veteran? This might sound straightforward but settle for a sustainable team rather than skyrocketed and groundless. The key is to be clear about how each member could contribute to that of your goals, on a larger scale. More like content marketing, you are the king, if you can manage it.

As the king, it is under your liability to find the best people and engineer the best team.

Expect Deviance, It’s Beautiful

No one would argue that teams are critical to an organization’s success. As you set expected behavior, output, principles, process and postulations, you expect every of your team members to follow. Yet many members of the team think they are not performing the way they should be and rather do the job their own way – deviance.

Why is it beautiful?

Because every team needs a deviant, someone who can help the team challenge homogeneity, stifle creativity and dare ideas. A deviant often derailed to idle discussion and spark arguments. Deviants are also those who are willing to voice out things and concerns that nobody is willing to put into discussion. Some scholarly studies even found out that teams with deviants often outperform the teams without them. They are the ones who are brave enough to say “I think we must change our direction” right when your team is heading straight to your goals. This is precisely why many team leaders crack down deviants off their team, but a few realizes the balance and sparks they give the team. Find beauty in deviance.

Think like Ancient Philosophers, Then Grow Together

Think like ancient philosophers in that you focus more on the role of human being rather than the explanation of the material world. Be concern with the practical aspect of philosophy and the attainment of happiness. Sure every member has their own weight to pull and work on. There is always one working more and harder than the other, but this doesn’t mean the other is inefficient. You should swamped in and help out others to get equally accountable in delivering better and best output.  With these, make growth a natural by-product of your team’s collaboration. Know their individual career goals and give them a clearer picture of where they can go in their careers with you. Hand them the ropes and let them by themselves pull it. Dream big, and then dream bigger, together.

Before your people quit and join the other 2.5 million Americans who will this month, why not lived by these principles and hone the best team you can have?


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