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Everything in life is nonsense. Sometimes, I find great comfort in thinking that life is an utterly stupid experience. In that spirit, ‘cult of done’ could be interpreted as pure nonsense. Anyway, coming out of that nonsense approach, pretending that everything has some meaning, will give meaning to it. No two words, I take the latter attitude. I pretend that there is meaning. So, I can work out something deeper. If you are a good project manager, you should be able to pretend that everything is meaningful. But stop. Even if you think that everything is stupid and nonsense, still you are a good project manager. May be a better one.

I remember a piece of writing I did with a friend of mine about life. We had a set rule that we write every other sentence without taking time to think. We wanted to know how our spontaneous faculties work. Most of the things in that writing, I have never found the courage to let anyone else read. Life has taught me one lesson in abundance. Trust in your intuition may bring out effective ideas you never imagine to find by serious thinking.

The cult of done, in a meaningful sense is all about one. It is action or doing and what prevent us from acting. Though I never attempt to do so, for sure, you will agree with me if you keep reading to the end.

How true it is to say that there are three states of being as not knowing, action and completion. Everything we do is new. Do you agree with me? Even the selfsame repetitive task we do are different from each other. Why? circumstances change. Factors affecting the outcome change. Your experience and attitudes change. So what?

Everything we do starts from the state of being not knowing. You do and know. Doing is knowing. You learn by experience. That leads to completion. I use this dogma whenever a member of my project team is unnecessarily apprehensive about something that he has to do with little knowledge. If you enough emphasize that every task is new and we start with no knowledge, sure it gives you tremendous power to go ahead.

Not knowing and doing leads to the natural prerequisite of pretense. Professor William James wrote much about the power pretending what you want to be. One logic of the cult of done surfaces here. If everything starts from a state of not knowing, the next state of doing requires pretense. We pretend that we know and we do. I think you catch it.

I can quote thousand examples to explain it. You have sex for the first time. Do you wanna worry that you don’t know? Or you pretend that you know and you do. Practically anything we do in life is amenable to this philosophy. So who is going to argue against the fact pretending to know that and knowing are the same? This is one great truth I have learned as a project manager.

There are two other interrelated contenders that make me think seriously: procrastination and perfectionism. Perfectionism is one the major causes of procrastination. Experts do agree. Those who delay or postpone most are those who need everything perfect. Myself included to be truth. You need to banish procrastination by laughing at perfectionism. Look back and see for yourself. Where do you stand?

Next, you are never able to finish anything. Simply you do one thing in order to do the next and so on. Nothing short of reality. You complete tasks, reach milestones, complete projects … to finish. No. Just in order to do more things.

The cult of done always impresses me as a philosophy that stresses the action or the doing part of our existence and major stumbling blocks that prevent us from acting or doing. If we look back our own lives, we will find numerous occasions we had grand plans to do things, but never done. Focused action can only produce results.

The Cult of Done has something that sets me thinking. Remember though, we can interpret it in anyway you like. I always want to interpret it from a meaningful perspective. It is like ‘Done is the engine of more’.

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