Project Management Software

We don’t pretend to provide project management software because we really don’t develop or create software for project professionals. We do, however, work to connect busy project managers with the right companies, teams and tools which are available to make the process run more smoothly. It’s like consulting of sorts.

The difference is that we connect you with the right people, get you the free product demos and provide licensing information you need to ensure each project goes off without a hitch.

Truth is, we don’t just support the software itself, but the entire industry. With the ever-expanding need to understand how to make project and processes more efficient, we’ll be there as well, every step of the way. As information mavens, we love to share any knowledge that may excite promote and uplift the industry as a whole. That’s our ultimate aim.

Some of the products we promote pay us. That’s right, we not 100% altruistic and chivalrous. We have to have some way to keep the lights on and pay the bills. However, we try our best to vet and filter the riff raff prior to advising you or your company on the benefits of any particular solution over another. We are also here to educate. Our regular blogging and task management information on the site is there to help you with your next IT endeavor. So, whether you need a software solution or are just looking for a place to vent or connect with other project managers, you’ve come to the right place.