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Project management, the Internet, and your brain: three things that don’t seem to have anything in common…or do they? One thing is for certain, these three things are all intricately related…created and held together by a mass web of strings, lines of communication, and networks.

Studies through the centuries and decades have studied human beings’ brain patterns and how they react to certain stimuli, patterns, behaviors, and other variables. Our brains are made up of webs upon webs of information, connections, and networks. The Internet is created and was designed to function much the same way. The Internet is a giant network web of data, information, and communications, which is where the name “world wide web” originated from.

So how does project management fit into this web? Simple. Think of some key areas of project management that project managers can’t function without.

1.) It’s Always About Communication. First and foremost is communication. It’s always about communication. Project managers know that projects, products, and teams cannot function without proper communication methods and practices. In addition, working with various interfaces, off site teams, email, and networking relates to the wide web of communication patterns and styles that we use and how our brains are made up.

2.) Data and Information Management and Organization. Secondly, project management also cannot function without proper data and information management. Project management requires detailed organization and interpretation of data. This can include project specs, risk identification and management, and even schedules and budgets and the data that corresponds with them. Today with the Internet and technology literally accessible and pretty much at our fingertips 24/7, data, documents, and other crucial project items are organized and stored in “web” manners.

3.) Project Management Software and the Cloud. Project management and the cloud tie the above points together. Not only does project management heavily rely on the Internet to communicate and organize data, but project management software also relies on the web of communications, links, the Internet, and communication to function and operate effectively as a team. In addition, project managers will organize tasks, data, and communications in web like manners and behaviors on the cloud. Cloud software is designed in this way as well.

So was the Internet designed to replicate the patterns in our brains or did we design the Internet because this is how our brains function? Perhaps this was designed this way on purpose in anticipation of the technology era of today…or perhaps this is a mere coincidence that humans designed a worldwide communication pattern that resembles our brains. All in all, project management directly correlates to how our brains and the Internet functions.

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