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Project management today relies heavily on the convenience and functionality of a robust project management software or technical platform. However, which ones are worth being considered and which aren’t? Let’s take a look at some of the reviews of project management software.

Project management is almost impossible today without the need to rely on trustworthy and reliable software or platform. This is especially important today when colleagues, vendors, and other project team members work remotely or off site completely. There needs to be common ground or platform that allows for file sharing, the management of deadlines, team calendars, a chat and comment feature, etc.

In addition, since so many organizations are going paperless and converting all their files, records, and documentation to electronic form, it is absolutely essential to be able to rely on robust project management software. Project management software should help project managers and team members alike to be organized, keep track of project milestones and deadlines, and promote communication with one another.

Some of the online project management programs that are popular today include Basecamp, Celoxis, LiquidPlanner, and ProWorkflow, to name a few. Each of these platforms has its pros and cons, of course. However, a good platform should have a few key components, in addition to those mentioned above.

  • It should be easy to use, not just for project managers but for other project team members as well.
  • It should have an app that can be downloaded and used on smartphones for the ease and convenience of travel and working on-the-go.
  • It should have a robust scheduling function that is also easy to use and navigate for other team members.
  • It should have the functionalities and capabilities to run reports and export them into a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel.
  • It should also have the ability to customize so that each user can customize his or her own user interface accordingly and to his or her own needs.
  • It should promote good online collaboration and communication among team members and the ability to make comments on particular projects, tasks, or files.

As stated above, each project management software or platform has its pros and cons. The reviews noted in this blog can help project managers and team members decide which one would best fit the team and the project.

All in all, project management is almost impossible to manage effectively without the use of good project management software or online platform. It may take some trial and error for a project manager or project team to adjust to a particular software or platform or decide which one will suit their needs as well as projects’ needs the best and is most effective.

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