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As a professional project manager, how would you describe your personality, or the personalities of your fellow project managers? A few of the common characteristics include detail-oriented, organized, diligent, focused, enthusiastic, or a good problem-solver. Regardless of what industry or what type of organization professional project managers may be affiliated with, there are likely to be a wide array of personalities.

Probably one of the most difficult elements to working for a living, whether you work full time at an organization, are self-employed, or even volunteer, is working with different personalities. Everyone has his or her own individual personality and work ethics and habits. This is why some teams function better together than others, and why some people are better at certain jobs than others. All in all, the unique and diverse personalities are what help make up any work place and give life and character to the job.

So in regards to project management, what are some of the most common personality types and how can professional project managers work with them?

1) Project managers are proactive individuals who lead and guide teams to success. They encourage team members to also be proactive, take ownership of their projects, and see them through to the end.

2) Project managers are also incredibly resourceful. They are able to make projects work on little resources, small budgets, and with the technology at their fingertips. Being resourceful also means being creative with the tools given for a project and promotes “out-of-the-box thinking”.

3) Project managers also have a great vision. They are able to look at a project and see a picture of the outcome. How will the project look in the end? What purpose does it serve? What are the steps needed to take to get there?

4) In today’s hard and fast world, project managers are also adaptable. They must be flexible to changes in the work place, structure, work flows, and even technology…as these are all factors that have an impact on project management and its structure.

5) Finally, creativity. One of the most influential and crucial characteristics of a project manager is creativity. Creativity is directly tied to being resourceful and really expanding on “thinking outside the box”. This will lead to creative project solutions, project outcomes and deliverables, and even new methods and processes. The creative project manager is a huge asset to any organization.

So what do all these characteristics have in common? Other than relating to project management, of course…the future! The future of project management heavily relies on changes in society and our work environments. One of the leading forces pushing behind project management is technology. The rapid change and improvements in technology have a direct impact on our society and how we function.

So what does this have to do with project management personalities?

Simple. With today’s changing atmosphere and work environments and the ever-increasing giant push to technology, project management is increasingly becoming a scientific and technical field. But some project managers would agree that not everyone is a scientist. This is true. But we also have to wonder what organizations and the field of project management would be like with highly scientific and technical personalities?

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