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One of the greatest abilities that project managers have is time management. Not only is this an incredible asset and skill, it’s also a remarkable talent. In fact, many project managers have gotten pretty creative in their time management abilities in what they can master and how many tasks they can manage and multi-task at a given time.

In today’s busy world, project managers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners are forced to really buckle down and focus on time management. After all, time is money, and both are important to small businesses, especially for new start ups when time is of the essence and money is tight. So what can project managers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners do to maximize their time and resources in the beginning?

Set priorities. In the beginning, it’s really important to prioritize. It’s easy and can be overwhelming to feel like your business needs to go in a hundred different directions all at once. Of course, this is where exceptional time management ability can come into play, however, don’t let things get out of control. Start with choosing top three goals or priorities where you should focus on your business each year. For example, maybe some of your top goals include boosting your brand or advertising, developing a strong online presence, making a certain amount each month, or generating a certain number of leads. Setting specific goals will help keep you focused on your priorities as well as help you work towards reaching those goals.

Manage expectations and deadlines. When starting it out, whether as a project manager or a small business owner or entrepreneur, it can be difficult to get a feel for managing deadlines and expectations, of yourself and your projects. In the beginning, be realistic with your deadlines and what you can handle. The more comfortable you feel with managing work loads, deadlines, and schedules, then the more you may take on down the line. Trying to exceed your own expectations early on could set yourself up, or your business, for failure.

Leverage resources. Leveraging resources is important for project managers and business owners. One resource that most entrepreneurs leverage today is technology. How can you leverage technology for your small business? Society and today’s world makes it very easy to acquire and use technology for just about everything, especially with doing business. Everything can be done from using a touch screen tablet or Smartphone. So why not incorporate one to use for managing projects or running your small business? Make technology work for you.

Time management is certainly a crucial thing to consider as a project manager or small business owner. Time management allows project managers and entrepreneurs to be able to handle multiple tasks at one time. However, it’s important to remember to keep things in check for awhile as your business or projects are starting out. It’s important to avoid biting off more than you can chew as this will only lead to failure. However, mastering project management and time management will only help project managers and businesses achieve success.

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