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It’s true that project managers pass a lot of data and information back and forth to other project managers, clients, and team members. This information could be specifications or instructions related to project or client deliverables, or it could be strictly internal, organizational role-specific data. Either way, data needs to be consistent across project managers and teams.

So how do project managers make sure all information is consistent across the board? This is especially a challenge today when working off site or with remote teams. Project managers can get creative in how they disperse information, share files, and even data.

Some solutions on how to make sure consistent information is shared include:

  • Design a blog or forum. This is a great way to collaborate with team members, other project managers, and share files. This can also be used as a great resource for on-boarding, training, or something to refer to when a quick answer is needed.This can be designed however the team or project manager thinks works best. Forums can be designed as an ongoing conversation or discussion, or even an area to ask questions and post responses.
  • Set up a document-sharing site. Similar to a blog or forum, project managers and team members can also set up a document-sharing site, such as Google Drive or SharePoint. Team members and project managers can access this at any point to grab or update documents as needed.This is especially a great idea for those who work remotely or off site. Gone are the days of leaving voicemails or waiting for email responses to get answers to questions.
  • Use another form of project management software. The good news is most project management software today has document and information sharing features. These allow for teams to upload and “share” documents at any point. Most also have comments, discussion, and editing features that allow teams to edit materials and post comments or ask questions on different documents or to just post general queries.While most types of project management software has pros and cons to them, it’s completely up to project managers and teams to decide which one will work best and suit the needs of individual teams.

Information and data sharing in a project management environment is certainly a challenge today. I Of course, project managers and team members can get creative in how they go about this. It may be the choice over one type of project management software over the other, or it may be the choice of a specific document-sharing site.

All in all, it’s extremely important for all project managers and team members to be on the same page when working on projects, dealing with customers, or even dealing with particular customer accounts. In order to ensure that all team members and project managers are successful in carrying out projects and in working with clients, it’s important to have a robust system or software in place to use as a reliable resource.

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