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Professional project managers know that managing different tasks and multitasking is a daily occurrence. This may involve managing and multitasking projects, delegating tasks, problem solving, and even managing team member tasks and projects as well…or maybe a combination of all of the above. If a professional project manager isn’t organized, he or she can become overwhelmed very quickly. Here are some tips for managing daily tasks…without the headaches.

  • Time Management. The first and probably the most important point to keep in mind here is time management. So what are some ways to practice good time management? This is different for everyone. You need to find out what works best for you and run with it. This could be setting a to-do list each day, keeping track of how long it takes you to complete certain tasks, categorizing the tasks that are top priority and that will require the most attention, and even how to efficiently spend down time.If professional project managers practice good time management methods, then staying organized and on top of tasks is much easier and more efficient.
  • Project Software. While practicing good time management is still key, project management software can help too. This can help keep track of tasks, prioritize them, keep track of deadlines and productivity, and even what other team members are working on and their deadlines.Luckily there are many different kinds of project management software available today. Some of the most popular include Zoho and Basecamp, however, different organizations and companies may use different systems. If your organization or company doesn’t currently have a central system in place, the good news is most project management software are web-based so you don’t have to worry about installing programs or acquiring multiple licenses for multiple machines, which can get expensive. In addition, many forms of web-based project management software are also free.
  • Delegate. If you reach a point where you are completely overwhelmed and can’t dig yourself out, see what tasks can be delegated to other team members. Don’t feel like you are failing as a project manager because you can’t do it all; everyone has limits. An inefficient project manager doesn’t realize his or her breaking point, which can lead to project and team failure.So if you recognize certain areas or tasks that another team member can help you with, don’t be afraid to delegate those tasks.
  • Stay Calm. Finally, what can project managers do to manage the hectic daily tasks? Remember to stay calm. The second you feel overwhelmed or like there aren’t enough hours in the day, relax and take a deep breath. Then dive into what you’ve got on your plate and prioritize those tasks first. Then just take one task at a time, at one step at a time. Once you’ve got a handle on things, you’ll be able to multitask much easier and conquer several tasks at a time.

Professional project managers know that managing tasks is a daily occurrence in a project management role, and perhaps one of the most difficult. It can be challenging to determine which tasks are the most important, whose project needs the most attention, and which project requires the most effort and resources. All in all, it’s important to remember these four time management solutions in order to effectively and efficiently manage projects…while keeping a level head, without the headaches.

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