Posted on August 6, 2013 · Posted in Project Management, Task Management, Time Management

Whenever  companies hit a slow patch, whatever the time of year, there tends to be a drop in business activity. This could be your chance for a well-earned break or it may be an opportunity to better yourself as a business leader  by following the following steps:

 Audit your past performance

Have a team meeting, build a plan based on what has happened within the last few months. Ask yourself and your team what was done well, and what could be improved. Getting your team involved in the decision making process on how to improve the operation of the business will make them feel as though they have a greater input in the business, and can lead to some very good plans for the future.

Sort out the essentials

Do you need to upgrade any of your services? Do you need to ensure you are more compliant in any business areas? Now is the perfect time to send staff on training courses. It’s never too late to start learning something new, especially if it could add profit to your business.

Does your team need cross-training?

Another idea for downtime is to cross-train your team. Project managers know that when you hit a busy period, some departments are busier than others. If you train staff in different roles it can help your team pull together more effectively in the busy periods.

 Review Paperwork

Take this time  to review any paperwork that may need filing, update your marketing material and get prepared for the next busy period.  Are there any jobs you’ve been putting off because they’re not urgent? Do them now. They may be tedious, but essential, and you’ll be glad when they’re done.

Hire Staff

If you think you need to hire more staff, start looking now. That way someone can be trained and ready to help out in the next busy period. As project manager, your goal should be to have a fully operational team by the time the next upswing  comes around.

However,  all work and no reward makes for a very unhappy team, so this is a good time to praise your team for the job that they have done so far. An out of work activity will allow for team bonding, which will strengthen your business overall.

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