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We’ve talked a lot about balancing a personal and professional life, particularly as a project manager and/or entrepreneur. For those professionals with a family, marriage or long-term relationship, you know how hard it can be to balance both.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, project managers and entrepreneurs who are still single might suddenly feel the loneliness on the other side of being a professional and running a successful business. But did you know being a professional can help you with your personal relationships and love life?

Here are some business skills that not only carry over to your personal relationships, but that can actually save your love life.

Communication. Most would agree that one of the most important aspects of a successful and healthy relationship is communication. Much like running an effective meeting or leading a team, professionals strive to practice open communication, effective and active listening, and encouraging healthy conflicts that lead to strengthening teams.

Relationships work much the same way. You would treat and speak to your partner in a way that values opinions, encourages open dialogue, and makes him or her feel heard. If there is a change to project scope or a relationship dynamic, then you would communicate this change or have a conversation to address it.

Connection. Having a connection to a particular customer, project or team member is also incredibly important in the world of business. It enhances value, improves team interconnectivity and functionality, and even boosts productivity. If you were to interview a number of team members and ask each of them the thing they love most about their jobs, they will likely say it’s the people they work with that makes their jobs enjoyable.

We, as humans, often strive for that level of connection with other humans; it’s just biology. This is just one reason why we seek relationships, whether or not we want to admit that we do. Having a deep and strong connection with a spouse, significant other or even a friend is a great feeling.

Trust. Another crucial component to any successful relationship is trust. The same goes for the world of business and entrepreneurship. A true leader trusts his or her team members. This is where micromanaging can ruin trust if a leader or project manager isn’t careful.

Sometimes in a relationship, a partner—or team member, in this case—needs “space”. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it could just mean giving that individual the space they need to grow, develop, flourish, and simply be him or herself.

Are our professional and personal lives the same? Absolutely not…thank goodness. However, this merely shows how certain professional qualities and skills, particularly in the realm of project management, can carry into our personal lives, and even help us with relationships.

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