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The success of the project can be defined in terms of time and budget constraints. The success triangle of a project management includes time, cost and quality. Time is the most important aspect which affects the other two variables of the project. It’s a project’s manager’s main responsibility to complete a project on time. Development and management of the project depend upon the schedule of the project, and an effective project manager develops a proper schedule and follows it strictly. For completing a project successfully and on time an effective management plan is needed.

For small projects, project manager single-handedly develops the schedule and leads the project to its success. But at complex projects the project management teams are there to assist the project managers for the development of plans for cost, quality and time. Project management team focuses on the project progress according to developed plans and evaluates positive recommendations, if the progress is slow, and implements them with the permission of the project manager.

For the development of a project schedule, a detailed analysis of the project scope, contract and other information is done by the project management team. From analysis, project management team develops a schedule of the project. The project schedule is further subdivided into milestones. Milestone schedules are developed for the key dates and for successful completion of the project on time it is necessary to achieve the milestones within dates. Such milestone schedule keeps a project on track and makes management teams enable to access the derailing of a project in the beginning. If the complexity of a project is less then milestones are enough to determine the progress of a project, but for more complex and large projects more precise and detailed schedule is necessary.

For a complex project where time matters a lot, a detailed schedule is developed by the project management team. This detailed schedule includes a work breakdown structure. Work breakdown structure refers to tasks and their descriptions arranged in a proper way. The project scope acts as the basic document for the development of a WBS.  From WBS project management teams develop a project plan. This plan includes all the actions needed to meet the goals and work specified in WBS. If the work breakdown structure is detailed then more activities are identified for the accomplishment of work.

After the identification of activities, the project management team enlists the activities according to priorities. Results from the work are arranged in the project logic diagram. The project logic diagram characterizes the activities in sequences which are identified for the successful completion of a project. In the next step of planning a time frame is evaluated for each activity to be accomplished successfully.  Through the planning process of the project, effective schedules of work can be developed and the project can be completed in a short time.

In the larger projects different pathways are created for the accomplishment of work activities from start to end of the project. A critical path is the longest path for the completion of a project. Team management adopts the critical path only that situation if the time limits provided by the clients are greater than the time taken by the critical path. Management of activities in a critical path requires special skills.

For the successful completion of a project, a project manager should be aware of that how to manage and speed up the schedule to overcome the unexpected delays. Compressing and Crashing is a technique which is used to shorten the project. At some stage of the project, schedule related issues can occur and a project manager must be capable of resolving such time related issues for the successful completion of the project. For effective Project management there are multiple project management certification online courses. You can enroll with such courses and can enhance your skills and professional qualifications.


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