What Does Being a Project Manager Mean?

Posted on September 18th, 2013 · Posted in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, PMP, Project Management

Many companies and organizations today establish a project management team to carry out a number of project-related tasks and responsibilities. Project management tasks and responsibilities certainly vary between project, stakeholder, and industry. Project management is where it’s at today. Being a certified project manager and having extensive technical and project..
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Staying on Top of Financial Project Management Goals

Posted on September 11th, 2013 · Posted in Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Task Management

Smart planning, communication, and delegation put the budget on track – and keep it there. For most project managers and cost administrators in corporate departments, financial project management is an everyday occurrence. Dealing with business dollars is simply part of the routine for team members who work with vendors, undergo..
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Project Management is Time Management

Posted on September 11th, 2013 · Posted in Entrepreneurship, Management, Project Management, Small Business

One of the greatest abilities that project managers have is time management. Not only is this an incredible asset and skill, it’s also a remarkable talent. In fact, many project managers have gotten pretty creative in their time management abilities in what they can master and how many tasks they..
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Project Management Tools to Consider For Your Small Business

Posted on August 21st, 2013 · Posted in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management, Project Management, Small Business, Software

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs recognize that running a business involves a lot of project management in skills, abilities, and responsibilities. Luckily with many of today’s technology and online tools, small business owners can take advantage of some of the project management tools and software available today to help..
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Small Businesses: It’s All About the Brand

Posted on August 7th, 2013 · Posted in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management, Small Business

Today with small businesses it’s all about the brand. Branding is an essential component to any small business’s marketing strategy—whether online or offline. So how does a small business go about developing a really effective brand? How does a small business increase their brand effectiveness? Here are some tips for..
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Project Management is Also Stress Management: How Entrepreneurs Can Manage Stress and Stay Sane

Posted on July 27th, 2013 · Posted in Entrepreneurship, Management, Small Business

Regardless of whether you are a project manager for an organization, an independent contractor or entrepreneur, or a small business owner, tasks and responsibilities can easily get out of hand of you aren’t careful. Taking on a small business or even managing a high profile project can be stressful. So..
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The Best Project Management and Business Planning Apps

It’s no secret that more and more jobs and businesses are operating on-the-go and off site. The ease, flexibility, and convenience of technology has allowed us to be able to do this. Since most who work off site can access work-related information, data, and email from a Smartphone or tablet,..
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Tips for New Project Managers

Posted on July 2nd, 2013 · Posted in Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Small Business, Tips and Tricks

Project management – it’s all about task management and scheduling, right? Not so fast. There’s a reason why most project managers you meet are between 40 and 60 years old, with between 10 and 20 years of experience. Successful project management is an art form that requires a unique set..
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National Small Business Week: Project Management and Small Business

Posted on June 22nd, 2013 · Posted in Entrepreneurship, Management, Project Management

What does project management have to do with small business? This might seem like an obvious question to some, but a foreign question to others. In addition to working in many different organizations and industries, project managers are often times entrepreneurs. Most start up businesses require the owner to wear..
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Why is Project Management Software Important for Entrepreneurs?

Posted on June 14th, 2013 · Posted in Entrepreneurship, Management, Project Management

Who are entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs are the professionals who organize the affairs of a business and are inclined towards its growth. They are also responsible for the conduction of the financial affairs of a business. An entrepreneur is the main driving force of a business. He nurtures a business in a..
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