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Our world and society become flooded with technology and media. Everybody knows this. And as a result, our world and society is now flooded with apps. There is an app for everything. Apps can do anything from serve as cat toys to monitor a plant’s health in your home to running a small business…and everything in between. So which apps are really worth your time and will really help you as a project manager or entrepreneur?

A good app for a project manager, entrepreneur, or small business owner really depends on the individual’s working style, taste, and preferences. However, here are a few suggestions of common, recommended, and effective project management apps.

Wrike. Wrike is one of the best project management software available today. It is highly used by many professional project managers, entrepreneurs, and teams in organizing and overseeing tasks and projects today. Wrike is of course available in app format for both the iPhone and Android. One of the most attractive features of Wrike is the ability to organize and see tasks and projects by deadline, priorities, and even an activity feed that keeps track of comments, conversations, and attachments.

Basecamp. Basecamp is another popular type of project management software that is highly used across virtual teams and organizations. Its web-based platform allows users to easily see projects and tasks assigned to them, priorities, deadlines, and a news and activity feed that is great for interacting and keeping in touch with other team members and users. One of the most attractive features of this type of software is its design. Many users claim it’s “easy on the eyes” and that it’s incredibly user-friendly and extremely easy to use. The Basecamp app is available for both the iPhone and Android smartphones.

ProWorkflow. ProWorkflow is another highly recommended and rated project management software that is also available in iPhone app format. One of the most attractive features of this tool is its unique set up and user interface. The design is highly attractive and users are able to easily identify tasks and projects, view deadlines and priorities, and it is even easy to create new tasks and projects, assign a priority level and team members, and even assign tasks that correspond to a particular project…which is huge.

So why do we need apps? Other than them being a huge fad and popular tools in our technologically advanced society? They make our lives easier. Project managers and entrepreneurs would agree that mobile project management apps allows users to keep track of tasks, projects, and even receive notifications when a message is received, sent, or a document is uploaded.

Our on-the-go and mobile business world today requires efficient and easy-to-use apps in order to stay on track of projects and deadlines. They even allow users to easily communicate with off-site or virtual team members working on a project. This is especially useful for virtual team members located in different offices, states, or even countries. Start organizing your projects today with one of these great project management apps

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